“Fashion really covers the media..?”

I have come to find that our fashion industry is slowly progressing more and more in our entertainment media. In fact, fashion may really impact where our careers our headed.

I have interviewed a young lady named Jamie Mistrella. Jamie Mistrella is a returning junior at FIT Tech, fashion institute, in New York City. Mistrella designs many of her own clothing, and even digital advertisements, such as posters, commercials, and trailers for her projects. What I find so interesting is that Mistrella has claimed to have had many interviews with different magazine companies and has been featured in many articles about fashion. Mistrella has also recently accepted an internship with a public relations agency. Mistrella claims that she believes the reason why all of the wonderful opportunities have flew her way are due to the simple fact that she “rocks in fashion!”

Jennifer D’Angelo, from FOX News, wrote an article which addresses the latest fashion designs that are named by the same people they’re created for…first, and foremost, we have “The Editor, which are low-rise, wrinkle-free and wearable with kitten heels, loafers and stilettos” and then we have “The Stylist, which are fitted, comfortable and sexy” and let’s not forget about “The Correspondent, which have cargo-ish pockets with tie closures meant for easy access to pens” D’Angelo also included Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah Jessica Parker’s character in Sex and the CIty, she’s just a “writer” so all the glamour and diva-like lifestyle intrigues us because of her fashion…duh! I guess this fashion shower suits the women in the media industry. The sexy, yet conservative, style matches for the roles women are playing in this state of economy, the style looks high class and sophisticated, yet it’s the opposite!! Women in the media industry work extra hard to attempt to equalize themselves with men, and for most, the pay isn’t that great. I have come to decide that fashion is a pretty blanket for the women and some of the men in the media industry. The fashion makes people look more alluring and thus more respectable because they have that “high class” appeal. I asked my manager, from  the famous Victoria’s Secret, why do we put one of the girls, with the least amount of bra and sales knowledge, in the front of the store everytime… my manager responds “So she can introduce our launch products…” I explained to her that it does not make any sense to have the worst sales associate attempt to sell the launch product and eventually she decided to tell me the truth…. this girl wears actual suits that advocate sexy fashion compared to all us other girls who just look “professional.” So she’s given the star treatment for dressing better? How old are we again?

Fortunately, women with a great style and have an interest in the Media Industry, may have a great chance at success. For you ladies who don’t like to make a statement when you walk out the door….read some more books!


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The impact of entertainment media!!

         Well, for starters, the political campaigns in America are already an eye-catching experience for most americans to watch. Now, political figures are receiving support, endorsements, and the presence from celebrities and figures in our entertainment industry. Does the support from the different celebrities help the senators Barack Obama and John McCain?

         Unfortuantely, I cannot answer this question, nor could I find any links to answer it based off of facts. However, I can definitely state the opinion that celebrity support can cause a huge impact. As stated by Jessica Chavez from mtvnews.com, Oprah Winfrey’s on stage support for Obama grabbed the media’s  attention and drew “thousands of supporters.” Not only does Obama have support from Oprah, he has Will Smith, Halle Berry and many famous actors standing behind him. Various music artists have participated in concerts to show their support for Obama as well. Not only has Obama and McCain won the support of varioius celebrities, but the endorsements have helped as well, as reported by mtv news. David King reported to mtv news “in a primary crowded field, endorsements matter most, and both the Democratic and Republican fields are very crowed now. If an endorsement could make any difference, it would make one now.” King is a lecturer on public policy at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. King also reported that there hasn’t been a “concrete study” on the power of celebrity endorsements in the past, thus Winfrey’s crowd-drawing speech is yet to be proven factual.

           I would think that Oprah Winfrey’s support and presence could make all the difference in the world. Miss Winfrey is obviously a well known celebrity, but also a nation-wide respected individual. The average viewer of her show, political figures, and even celebrities are her fans. WE ALL LOVE OPRAH!!! Well most of us….

          I believe that the presence of celebrities and entertainment figures in political campaigns and debates could accomplish a lot. Various studies find that young adults don’t vote or participate in the polls due to various reasons.  I find one of the main reasons is the entertainment we live around. Cable, internet, little digital goodies, all make life so entertaining…….but we can never forget the celebrities. US YOUNG PEOPLE, we love them, we need them, not literally, but to see some of my favorites music artists at a political campaign would draw my attention to it, and to hear them speak about the issues in our economy, I’m sold! I think that Im not the only young adult who feels this way and if the political figures knew this then they might have a genius strategy for capturing us… The clash of the entertainment industry and the politics could become very effective, in good and bad ways, however the media in this nation consists of both worlds so the combination of the two might lead to a lot of benefits for both sides of the media. Good Job senators…..way to kill two birds with one brick.

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Weezy does it

Lil Wayne, America’s fresh definition when you combine entertainment, gangsta and professional style. Many only recognize him as a New Orleans born rap artist, but I have to bring attention to Lil Wayne’s agenda after the VMAs 2008. Instead of the yearly VMA after parties held for all the celebrities, Weezy had an overnight flight to attend his court hearing in Manhattan the next day. Besides the fact that he was senteced to court for carrying a weapon, I truly admire the isolation this man creates for himself. He suggests pretty frequently that most of his time is spent in the studio. I can see why now, he creates millions of dollars out of his past life experiences, no wonder why he’s titled an artist. Anyway I really was impressed with his performance at the VMAs 2008, and the responsible choices he made this past weekend.

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